What is the Damien Knight Experience?

The Knight. Known throughout the ages as a symbol of nobility and respect. A gentleman, honorable and true, the knight symbolizes everything that a true man should embody. 


The Experience is getting that one guy who will sit down with you, and help you through a bad day. Does the touch calm you? Does he make you feel like you are the only thing that is important to him? That is the nuts and bolts of the DK Experience. I want you to be so relaxed and calm at the end of our time that you want me to visit again! 

Based out of Hartford, CT, I work to make sure ladies feel loved and cared about! I am able to do OUTCALL and INCALL! Incalls will require a $50 deposit which is included in the rates.

Nicole Taylor (08.01.2018)
Really enjoy your page!!
Nicely done love 🙏🏽
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Damien Knight
Thank you Goddess! I appreciate your input!
Phoenixx (06.20.2018)
yayayaya Damien\'s website awe :D
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